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One focus of our well-founded practice is the area of regulation and banking supervision. We are delighted to apply our comprehensive know-how in all aspects of banking law in connection with the blockchain or similar technologies in a targeted manner.

We also provide legal assistance to financial intermediaries in their offering and distribution of securities in Liechtenstein and the EEA. The same applies to the structuring of funds, advise on the preparation of prospectuses and other aspects of securities supervision and capital market law. Our clients benefit from the profound expertise of our highly skilled team and tailor-made services and solutions.

Another area of expertise is the support of our clients in the structuring and restructuring of financings. In particular, we advise in the area of acquisition and project financing, private equity, venture capital and mezzanine financing, but also in the area of restructuring financing.

Executive Summary of Crypto Exchanges in Liechtenstein

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  • Exchange activities with regard to tokens that are neither financial instruments, nor e-money
  • Exchange activities with regard to tokens that are financial instruments
  • Exchange activities with regard to tokens that are e-money

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Important Information Regarding the "Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Providers Act" A.K.A. "Blockchain Act"

 As a courtesy, we would like to inform you about important cornerstones of the so-called “Blockchain Act,” a summary of which is available online at:

The law on “Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Providers” (TTTL or in German TVTG, LGBI 2019.301; “Blockchain Act”), which will come into force on 01. January 2020, regulates the registration of service providers providing professional services in accordance with the TVTG (TT services). Such service providers must apply with the FMA for registration in the TT Service Provider Register pursuant to Art. 23 TVTG, and are subject to due diligence obligations pursuant to the Due Diligence Act (DDA; SPG) as of 01. January 2020.

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Endgültige Fassung des TVTG und Abänderung weiterer Gesetze

Nach der Verabschiedung des Blockchain Gesetzes im Landtag, wurde nun die endgültige Fassung des Gesetzes im Liechtensteinischen Landesgesetzblatt publiziert, welches unter dem folgenden Link zur Verfügung steht: Die Verabschiedung des Blockchain Gesetzes beinhaltet auch Änderungen in anderen Gesetzen, darunter das Gewerbegesetz (, das Personen- und Gesellschaftsrecht (, das Finanzmarktaufsichtsgesetz (, und das Sorgfaltspflichtgesetz (

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